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Company History

I grew up around a family of gardeners, from my parents and grandparents to my great aunt.  I watched them work their gardens summer after summer and saw the reward from that hard work that produced the freshest vegetables that you couldn’t buy in any grocery store.  When I moved out on my own, I started planting and growing my own vegetable garden, so I could have all those fresh homegrown vegetables that I enjoyed eating as I was growing up.  I soon realized how many vegetables come out of a well tended garden.  This was far more than I could eat or give away.  The left over produce would wind up spoiling and would have to be thrown away.  I then started canning and freezing all the left over vegetables to enjoy throughout the year.  I remember how my grandparents would make their own salsa from all the extra tomatoes and peppers that came from the garden.  I decided to make and can my own version of my grandparents’ salsa.  

A few years later I met and married Christy.  She would watch me tend over my garden and then work in the kitchen making and canning salsa.  She watched me do this year after year and even though it was hard work, she could see the enjoyment and satisfaction I got out of doing it and giving it out to our family and friends.  One day she was reading an article in a magazine about a woman who started her own business from a biscuit recipe passed down from her mother.  After talking and thinking it over, we decided to put the salsa on the market.

Towhead Salsa’s adventure started in the summer of 2010.  Over a year later, and after countless pounds of produce and hours in the kitchen, the salsa recipe was perfected.  We wanted to make the salsa ourselves from start to finish ensuring that the freshest vegetables were being used to produce the most flavorful, authentic and highest quality salsa on the market.  After searching numerous catering companies and restaurants, we finally found a new kitchen that was being built solely for renting out to small companies, like Towhead Salsa.  After many small bumps in the road and over a year of research, planning and development, we finally made it and couldn’t be happier.  Making great salsa is what we strive for.  Towhead Salsa is one of the few commercially made, all natural with no preservative, salsa available.

We believe once you try our salsa, you will be hooked.  We look forward to the future and the success of Towhead Salsa.  We would like to thank you, our customer, for trying our salsa, so please drop us a note and let us know what you think.

Kirk & Christy Kuhlman

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